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Dunblane Cathedral, Scotland (Chart Only)

Product Code: DUNVAUD218

he beautiful Dunblane Cathedral, near Stirling in central Scotland is part of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and was, until the Scottish Reformation, the seat of the Bishops of Dunblane.  The site upon which Dunblane Cathedral stands was first established as a Christian site, in about 600AD, by St Blane.  The Cathedral is depicted here in this counted cross stitch design which uses whole cross stitch, fractionals and backstitch.

This design uses 95 colours.

approximate sizes:

16 count: 26.99 cm  X  17.46 cm  (10 5/8  X 6 7/8 inches)

14 count: 30.84cm  X  19.96cm  (12 1/8  X  7 7/8  inches)

Cross Stitch Kit includes: 



  • One Stitch Symbols Chart
  • One Back Stitch Chart (including any French knots)
  • Thread key and Instructions
  • Thread Organiser Cards

The charts are deliberately printed in large format so that the symbols are clear and easy to see and should not require the use of a magnifying glass or to be enlarged further.


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